Monday, June 13, 2016

Body Contouring.....It's A Road Map!

So you have learned how to spray tan but what else is next? 

Body contouring is growing in the tanning industry. The thing with that is, many think they can do it by watching videos and how to's but when it comes down to it, it is a different story. Body contouring is an art just like spray tanning, you either have it or you don't. Being an artist for over 20 years, body contouring came natural to me. It has also helped my business in a big way and has set me apart from my competitors in the industry. It is not just bodybuilders want contouring done but everyone else such as models, celebrities, people who go on vacays and more who want to look toned. They want that instant gratification a spray tan can do and with body contouring it is all possible. It takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to contour a whole body being very detailed. Yes, I love to make the muscles pop. I always start from the top (face) and work on down and end with the calves. 

Body contouring takes practice and there is nothing like hands on training for that and not to mention patience but once you have it down it's easy breezy.

1.) Me personally can work with any type of machine to contour but a gravity feed, dual action airbrush gun works great. Iwata Power Jet Pro and Dual Action gun (which I have) are top of the line and if you are in California, you can get those at Coast Airbrush in Anaheim. This type of gun is different than your HVLP spray tan gun.

2.)  By studying female and male anatomy, you’ll start recognizing the correct placement of muscle groups, allowing you to extend and sharpen a craft that’s unique to your individual artistry and talents. Whether the look being sought after is that of a slender high fashion model, or a dramatically defined fitness competitor, you’ll be able to pull out these looks and increase & soften the look, all utilizing just your airbrush tanning equipment. After all, we all have  muscles, they just might be covered up by a little body fat. Here's where you will be able to help bring em out from hiding! 

To enhance a muscle, your client may have to turn a certain way to enhance that muscle so you can contour it. I highly recommend taking a hands-on body contouring class.

3.) The art of contouring is just that, an art. The muscular body is like a road map to guide you showing you all the muscle groups, study it. Not everyone who wants contouring has noticeable muscles and that's okay. With certain movements from your client, the muscles will then show themselves and will guide you to where to contour. Practicing on different types of clients (muscular and non-muscular) is very important after all, we all have different body types.
Once you have learned how to body contour and have practiced, you'll be the one that sets you apart from your competitors. To learn more on body contouring, we do offer the class on our website. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The spray tan industry is a very competitive world and hard to stand out from the rest because there are so many companies out there and spray tanning is not regulated but what can set you a part from the rest????

For those who have been trained and know what it takes to be a bad ass at what they do, what steps do you need to take to guarantee success? Marketing is the key to keep you going and good marketing at that. Our marketing background has made us very successful in the spray tanning world. 1.) Your clients........
Having a good working relationship with your client makes them feel comfortable when tanning with you. You should not limit yourself on who you want to cater to because when you do that, you fail. After all, almost everyone wants to have an awesome tan therefore, the audience is big in the industry.

2.) Who is your competition?.........
Your competition are those who are active in the spray tan industry. Believe it or not, your competition will spy on you seeing what you charge for tans, how your techniques is and even go to your house, go through your trash can and see what brand of empty tanning solution bottles you throw away. (speaking from experience) Be on top of your A game by being creative with your marketing and being reasonable with your prices. No one likes sky high prices. Your work, product, prices, and thoroughness will set you a part from others and will keep your clients coming back to you. Forget who your competition is and focus on YOU & YOUR BUSINESS and be positive.

3.) Business Marketing.........
Marketing your business is the key to getting your clients to come to you. Without marketing, you will not be successful in your business. To gain new clientele, you need to know how to market yourself. Advertising, giving discounts, even free tans will attract new clients. Having a website is huge because potential clients want to see who you are, your work and credentials.

4.) Your Product......
Having a good product is what keeps clients coming back to you. Stick to a few (at least 2) great brands of product. Believe it or not, clients can tell if your product has changed and if they don't like it they will stop coming to you.

5) Education.......
Many spray tanners think they know it all..............WRONG! Unless you've been trained the right way, you don't know everything. I find that many spray tanners go to You Tube or online videos to learn spray tanning. They are not certified either. Those who have been trained know that there is always room for improvement and learning more. We at Paradise Airbrush Tanning are always educating ourselves on everything in the spray tanning world.

If you need further support in the spray tanning world, that's what we are here educate you and help you succeed. Join our Facebook Group: The Bronzing Girls - Everything Spray Tanning, Training, Advice

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Are You Spying On Your Competition?

If you’re not spying on your competitors’ spray tanning business, chances are that they’re spying on your business!

Have you ever had a client tell you what the company they've used before is doing? If so, I have one simple thought about that, why would competitors do that? Personally, I'm not one for spying on other companies because I have way too much to do. When I am tanning clients though, many have talked about the past companies they've used, from customer service to what they wear, to product and equiment they use. No need to spy on your competitors if clients tell you about them but if you want to, then this is something you can do.
It’s Time to Recruit Your “Spy”
As an owner or manager, you might not have the time to check in on your competitors. If this is the case, you should appoint a company “spy” to do this for you. The best type of person for this job is someone who is very observant and doesn’t call attention to herself.  
Send Your “Spy” on Her First Mission
Give your undercover spy some company money and have your spy tan at  your competitors. Yes, this gives money to “the competitor,” but it also provides you with the 411 on what’s going on at these businesses. Competitors have had their spy's do this to me a few times. 
Your “Spy” Needs to Look For…
Before you send her off, prepare your spy to observe – and take notes on – the following customer service practices:

* The greeting she received. Was it sincere?
* Does the competitor engage in rapport building?
* Did the staff compliment anything about you?
* What special offers or deals are offered?
Your spy also needs to be looking for the following:

* Old spray tanning equipment
* What products are being used
* Spray tanning room cleanliness
* Equipment cleanliness
* Is staff thorough with their work?
* Does staff rush you?
Don’t Forget the Traffic Report
You should have your “spy” conduct a “traffic count” at the competition if they have a salon. What this means is that she stakes out a competitor’s parking lot on any day  between 4 and 6pm and count the number of customers who walk through the salon’s doors. Compare this number to your own to get a good idea of the volume you do, if you have a salon. It also gives you a good idea of the competition’s market share.
Yes the above mentioned had happened to me many times, competitors would even go further and post their website on my Facebook business page, request my friends on Facebook because my friends have told me, and steal my pictures of clients on Instagram. I have quite a few competitors that I trust and send clients to when my employees and I are booked. Those competitors and I share ideas and whatnot and support one another. I'll admit that I love helping others out but there are those competitors who don't like you but want to ride your coat tails. 
So if you are looking to start a spray tan business or are in one already, this is something that can happen to you just like it has happened to me.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Exfoliating Your Skin For Your Next Spray Tan

           Exfoliating your skin thoroughly is key to getting a good spray tan. It lets the dead skin cells come off bringing fresh clean skin to the surface. Not exfoliating properly can cause your tan to fade blotchy in different places. When those dead skin cells slough off and you have a spray tan on,  your tan to become blotchy. Our skin exfoliates itself every 28 days, each week certain areas exfoliate. 

     So, how does one exfoliate their skin to prep for their next tan? Gently exfoliate by using a loofah, loofah mitt or a Japanese exfoliating towel you can get at Daiso Japan store for about $1.50. Using a sugar & sea salt scrub is best but you can also use a body wash or baking soda as well. What ever you use though, make sure to rinse off thoroughly. Any residue left on your skin will cause your tan not to take to your skin. The reason I say GENTLY exfoliate is because you do not want your skin to be irritated when you get your tan. Irritated skin can affect the outcome of your tan.

                            Any questions you may have, please comment below.

                                                     Happy Monday Luvs!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Are You Coachella Ready??????

     Coachella is a big thing every year. It's about the music, the art, and well, the food. Everything is about the food these days, isn’t it? 

     Everyone wants to look their best in their cutesy bohemian outfit and accessories, but the main important thing to wear as an accessory is a spray tan and a good one too. Who wants to go dressed in cute clothes and be pale? Pale does not make clothes look cute and neither does a bad spray tan. 

     Soooooo! What you want to do first is get a spray tan then go try on some bohemian Coachella looking clothes. A spray tan makes everything look better. While you are searching around to get your spray tan, make sure the company you go with has been in business for a long time because that means they are very experienced. In our opinion, choosing a mobile company is better than going to a salon unless you can be very careful with your tan in the car. The car can create a mark on your tan from the seat belt, and the back of your legs can be marked from sitting in the car. At least with mobile, you are home and can run around naked for as long as you want. 

So the choice is yours but please, don't forget to get your tan for Coachella. Complete your wardrobe with that finishing look.


                                   The Spray Tan Goddess  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Choosing The Right Spray Tan Training Course For You

Thought about starting your own spray tanning business but don't know where to start?   

      Getting your certification would be the first thing to do before you go any further on pursing your business. If you are doing a Google search on spray tanning certification programs, you will see so many programs. Prices will range anywhere from $150 up to $3500. With these prices, they can be overwhelming and confusing for newbies. What are you getting with a $700, $1500, $1900, $2500, $3500 program. 

     When we first started trained back in 2005 I did so much research. So what was the best way to learn? Well being an artist in painting and airbrushing for 25 years, spray tanning came easy to me and working in a tanning salon learning about the skin and learned how to spray tan there helped so much too. After the salon closed, I decided to carry on spray tanning. Educating the world on how dangerous tanning beds and laying out in the sun was important to me. Even though I knew how to spray tan, I knew there was more to it. YouTube videos on how to's and proper techniques helped a little but not much. Taking the online training courses NTTI & ATTI and passing the exams were okay but there was so much more to spray tanning that they did not explain and there is nothing like hands on. But as I practiced to the fullest and had years of experience from the salon, a lot of it was trial and error. In 2005, I was ready, had way more knowledge and was ready to conquer the spray tan industry and Paradise Airbrush Tanning was born which quickly became a growing empire.

     For newbies just starting out, I want to help you choose the right tanning program because for one I would hate to see anyone pay so much for one. Believe me, there is a lot of price gauging out there. One student stated to me that she called a place and they charged $1900 for just knowledge on how to spray tan, nothing else was included. How ridiculous is that. Then another student called a place and they wanted to charge her $3500 for training and equipment. Once again, price gauging.  So here is how to choose the right training course for you.

1. Learning from someone who is successful in the spray tan industry & has years of experienced is key.  

If they are successful, then you will be too. Those trainers and mentors have been there, done that and have paid their dues. There are trainers out there who have been in business for 1 - 3 years and say they are pros but in reality that is not the case. It takes time to build your business, gain exposure and gain clientele but it all depends on how you market yourself, everyone is different and I am living proof. Choosing a trainer you that is going to teach you what you need to know, the ins and outs, the obstacles, the trial and errors they went through, and who you can trust to help you throughout your journey is very important as well. Some trainers charge you for on-going support such as a telephone call such as $100 an hour, not cool. Make sure you choose a trainer who offers on-going support, free of charge as this is important for you to succeed in the spray tan industry. Learning the right technique is very important. There are so many techniques out there and when choosing a program, ask the trainer how long it takes to tan a person. If they say 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes......look for a different trainer. Tanning a person the right way with the proper technique takes about 15 - 20 minutes. Trust me on this one.

2. Does the training program offer the business side?

Some programs only train you on how to spray tan, but if you are wanting to start your own business, then it is best to choose a program that teaches the business side of the industry. Learning such things as the marketing, sales and how to start your business is very important, not just how to spray tan.

When you invest in the right training program you will succeed. Not all training programs, equipment, and tanning solution are created equally. Also, make sure you are not getting priced gauged.  A good affordable training program that includes equipment and tanning solution should be no more than $800.

3. Choose a company with a good reputation. 

Choosing a business with a good reputation is key because your potential clients do look at that. Check out the company's reviews such as on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. What they say and what they post will tell you a lot about that business. Some say that a good social media following such as having a high number of followers is the key to a good business but it's not. Many people like to follow companies just to follow them but it doesn't mean that they are active with that company.

4. You gotta have the right equipment.

There are many training programs who use their own equipment & solution and when they train you, they only want you to use their own, not what you should use. There are many types of machines and tanning solution on the market and believe me, I've tested them all. Some companies have just one tanning solution for all skin types, are they NUTS!!!!!!! No no no......that is a disaster waiting to happen with a client. Everyone's skin is different therefore, one must have different shades to their stock of products. It took me a lot of money testing out products finding the pros and cons of them and trying new machines and sending the machines back because I was not impressed. Ofcourse finally when I found the right tanning solution and equipment, that was what I wanted to train my students with because I had high confidence that it was the right one.

5. Does the company offer on-going support and do they charge for it?

Going with a company that offers on-going support is another key. When you do a training program, you may feel confident at the end of your training but there is a lot to learn that you can't always remember everything you learned in a day. That is why it is important to train with a program who offers on-going support and who doesn't charge for it.

If you have any questions on training courses, e-mail us at

                                           Learn the correct way with the right price!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

What is Erythrulose? It's in Our Tanning Solution.

What is Erythrulose? Erythrulose is a carbohydrate, which is used in combination with dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in many self-tanning products because of its natural ability to dye the skin. It is a pale-yellow liquid extracted from red berries. This sugar reacts with the amino acids of the keratin found in the dead skin cells of the upper layer. The reaction, which is completely nontoxic, creates a temporary browning effect on these skin cells. The color change resembles the same colour a UV-based suntan produces. As the skin sheds naturally in a week or so, the tan begins to wear off. This makes the tan created by erythrulose temporary and completely safe. If properly applied and the skin is kept nourished, the tan can remain for at least 14 days. The tan does not wash away or even sweat off once the complete tone has been developed. The fading begins gradually as the skin’s normal exfoliation process takes place. The only way the tan will lighten sooner is by intense exfoliation or scrubbing of the skin, prolonged baths or swimming, as well as heavy sweating after a vigorous exercise. 

     Erythrulose has a composition similar to that of DHA, and the two sugars react on the skin’s surface in a very similar way. However, erythrulose creates a lighter colored tan in a slower time when compared to the tan produced by DHA. The tan created by erythrulose takes up to 24 hours to fully develop while DHA takes 2 to 8 hours to develop. When it is used alone, the tan it creates fades faster than one created by DHA. When DHA is used alone, it is likely to produce an orange and streaky tan. But erythrulose has a less drying effect over the skin than DHA does and it provides a smoother fade. But when these two ingredients are combined, it results in a tan that lasts longer, fades evenly, and produces a deep and natural-looking tan. Erythrulose is very expensive because it is difficult to obtain. Erythrulose has no side effects and due to its similarity in composition with DHA, it is unlikely for anyone to be sensitive to these two sugars. It reacts only with the skin cells of the upper layer and it does not penetrate below this layer. It is incorporated in sunless tanning products – like spray tans, tanning lotions, tanning gels, bronzers, and tanning mousses – at only 1% to 3%.